Huffington, Like Ayers, Sees U.S. Worse Than WikiLeaks

Like Bill Ayers (next post down), Arianna Huffington sees the U.S. government's behavior as a defense for the behavior of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Check out her discussion with Mary Matalin.

MATALIN: (Assange is) a psychopath, a sociopath. He is a terrorist.

HUFFINGTON: To call him a terrorist is really to again, to completely sort of underestimate what 'terrorist' means. I find it so objectionable when we throw these words around, when we call people terrorists who have not done anything that would conventionally be seen as a terrorist act.

MATALIN: You don't think that putting innocent lives, not to mention the lives of our soldiers, in jeopardy is an act of terrorism? HUFFINGTON: I think that our government is putting the lives of our soldiers in jeopardy in Afghanistan for no clear national-security reason. Don't they have any responsibility for sending our soldiers to war to protect and prop up a corrupt regime without any national security...

MATALIN: I get your passion about this...

HUFFINGTON: I don't really care if you get my passion. I want you to get my truth. Because I find it so upsetting when we're equating acts of terrorism with the release of information that is actually exposing a disastrous American foreign policy.

Matalin and Huffington are part of a radio program called Both Sides Now.