Hudak Takes Tierney Crime Family to Court

My guess would be that if you could actually do this and get somewhere with it, then they'd need a special court for it.

Bill Hudak, the Republican candidate in the Sixth Congressional District race against incumbent Democratic Representative John Tierney, today filed a defamation lawsuit against Tierney in Essex Superior Court, according to a Hudak posting on his website.

Is there a political ad out there that isn't a blatant lie? If so, it's certainly in the minority.

Hudak is seeking an emergency restraining order that, if granted, would require Tierney to stop running television ads that Hudak claims falsely summarize his views on mortgage interest deductions and other issues. A hearing is set for Wednesday, according to the Hudak campaign.

“We look forward to seeing how congressman Tierney can possibly justify the need to engage in this type of dishonest conduct in his desperate bid to hold onto this seat,” Hudak said in the statement.

Whatever the merits of the case, Bill doesn't have a million union dollars in the bank to spend keeping the issue of Don Tierneyoni's crime family slush fund in the news, so this is a good way to get some news coverage.

Hudak's legal action is the second time this election season that a candidate has turned to the courts for help. Independent gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill is suing his former aides in Norfolk Superior Court where he claims they were trying to share internal campaign information with Republicans, an allegation the aides have denied.