How Libs Manipulate to Keep Spending

Charles Krauthammer explains hazards for the GOP over debt ceiling negotiations. The Treasury will prepare letters for mailing in early August telling Social Security recipients that they might not be getting their checks, and Washington Post columnist Colby King explains this is a game frequently played to scare congress into sustained spending.

This is an old tactic, we used it at the Treasury Department when I was there and we had to raise the debt ceiling. We'd get the letters ready, we'd tell them "Look, your constituents are gonna get these letters about Social Security checks, 'they're not coming,'" and all of a sudden they'd come to Jesus and they'd do right.

Juan and Colby had the above conversation on Inside Washington with Gordon Peterson. The same topic was discussed on Fox News Sunday, and Juan Williams responded with contempt over the idea of putting Social Security recipients in the middle of the politics.