House Moving

Does the President want to drive the private insurance companies out of the health insurance business, replacing them with a "Single Payer," or government run insurance company? Of course he does. (See my Single Liar Post, below.)
The President continues to lie about this, as do his allies in Congress. Consider this sentence fragment from a story in today's LA Times outlining the bill approved finally by a critical house committee last night.
The committee also added a major provision that would limit the premium increases that insurers could impose...
This will obviously be a critical element in driving the private insurers out of business. First, offer a government run insurance option that will be cheaper than all the existing ones, then drive up the cost of offering insurance by requiring the companies to accept all applicants regardless of pre-existing conditions, and then give the government the power to set the rates set by its competitor, the private insurers.
How long do you think the private insurers will last?