Hot Blond Disses Biden for 4th Grade Visit

Fox News has an incredible formula - combine underrepresented mainstream political opinion with hot blonds with brains for talking heads. Here, lovely blond professor Caroline Heldman (whom I've never seen before - from Occidental) wonders why Joe Biden's handlers allow him out of the White House.

Well, Bill, I think you're giving the administration too much credit. In my book, this is the second big gaffe that Biden has made on the trail to sell this job bill...

By the way, the Dems latest "increase the debt" plan failed in the senate this week, and Harry Reid said Friday that they'll pursue a new measure next week.

The latest measure would provide $50 billion for roads, bridges, rails and air projects and $10 billion in seed money for creating a national infrastructure bank - an independent bank which would help provide loans for projects in hopes of spurring and attracting more private investment in infrastructure initiatives.