Homeland Illegality

Would the Obama administration really pursue immigration reform next year? It's hard to imagine, but let's hope so.

Napolitano Affirms Amnesty Legislation is on the Agenda in Early 2010

On Friday, November 13, Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, gave a speech at the Center for American Progress (CAP). Napolitano used the speech to highlight the Obama Administration’s continued support for a mass amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, promising amnesty legislation in early 2010.
This is one of my, "Go ahead, make my day!" options for the Democrats. This issue would solidify opposition to Obama, and promote an understanding of his true anti-American sentiments, in a way that the August Town Hall Meetings only began to do.
Napolitano – who has been designated as President Obama’s point person on the issue of immigration reform – described the administration’s vision of immigration legislation as consisting of a “three-legged stool.” This so-called “stool” consists of: (1) a mass amnesty for the approximately 12 million illegal aliens currently living in the United States; (2) “improved legal flows for families and workers” which means a dramatic increase in legal immigration; and (3) empty promises of “serious and effective enforcement.”
Does it strike you as a bit strange for the Director of Homeland Security to be in the business to advocate on behalf of rewarding people who've broken into the country for successfully avoiding detection?
In addition to advocating amnesty, Napolitano utilized last Friday’s speech to dismiss concerns that legal immigration is adversely affecting U.S. workers.
And why is that the concern of the woman who is supposed to be protecting the homeland?
During a brief question-and-answer period following the completion of her speech, a member of the audience expressed concerns about foreign workers obtaining engineering jobs over equally-qualified American workers. With unemployment now over ten percent for the first time in 26 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics, November 6, 2009), Napolitano answered by alleging that the questioner had posed a “false dichotomy,” and added that she “think[s] there’s enough engineering jobs for everybody.” (CAP).
Once the health care thing is over, the Obama presidency is essentially over. No more big, leftist policy issues will be nurtured by a congress which will be fighting desperately to survive the ill effects of his devotion to the Public Option.