Holy Christie!

This guy, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, is a dream - a mainstream conservative who boldly sticks to his belief and expresses those beliefs straight-up.

The fragile peace between Gov. Chris Christie and the state’s teachers union ended today, five days after it began. The Christie administration submitted an application for up to $400 million in federal education funding that rejected key points the New Jersey Education Association and the governor’s own commissioner of education, Bret Schundler, hammered out last Thursday.In discarding the compromise, Christie publicly scolded Schundler for agreeing to the deal without his approval. At the same time, NJEA officials said they were stunned to learn the document submitted to the U.S. Department of Education did not contain the agreements on merit pay and tenure they had worked out with Schundler last week. Those same officials said there is now no chance the union will support the application — which could doom the submission.
Everybody whose beliefs line up with mainstream America should voice those beliefs proudly and boldly rather than try to hedge in order to broaden appeal. We've reached a point where broader appeal means not sounding like a Democrat, or a manipulative politician.