Hold the Coffee

For Boston area residents, there's a Tea Party event today from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on the Waltham Common.

I'll be speaking, as will Howie Carr, and Chip Faulkner from Citizens for Limited Taxation will be the MC.
Here are some highlights: 1:45 – 2:00  Patriotic Music with DJ - Waltham’s own John Penny ! 2:05 – 2:10 Pledge of Allegiance  -  Mr. Fairbairn 2:10– 2:15  Star Spangled Banner God Bless America 2:15 - 2:25  WRKO Talk Show Host – Todd Feinburg 2:25 - 2:30 Robert A. Fairbairn - Military Order of the Purple Heart 3:10 – 3:20  WRKO Hall of Famer - Howie Carr 3:25– 3:30  Waltham Icon – Former State Treasurer – Joe Malone 3:40– 3:43 Teen Republicans – Sean Harrington 3:43 – 4:00  DJ - Waltham’s own John Penny !
The theme of the rally is "Save our Country, Save our Flag", a timely message and a founding principle of the Tea Party movement.  There will be live music and fun for the kids.  Bring your family, your flags and your patriotism!  Dress in patriotic costume or in Red White and Blue.  With Waltham's own John Penny spinning the discs in the DJ booth, this promises to be a terrific family event!