Hillary, No

Is Barack opposed to the idea of Hillary as VP?
In an indication that he was preparing to snub her for the vice-presidential nomination, Obama confirmed he is commissioning three prominent Democrats to vet potential candidates. They are Caroline Kennedy, a member of one of America's most prominent political families and an early Obama supporter; Jim Johnson, a Democratic businessman; and Eric Holder, a deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration.
I think he's crazy not to pick her (see previous post), but others disagree.
"I think it would be the worst mistake that could be made," said Jimmy Carter, who endorsed Obama on Tuesday night. "That would accumulate the negative aspects of both candidates."
Hillary, surprising many, seems to want it.
Another supporter, Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, said he wrote to the Congressional Black Caucus – a grouping of black members of Congress – asking members to push Obama to choose Clinton. He said he had spoken with her on Tuesday and she was "absolutely ready" for the job.
Barack is unelectable without her. Would having her make him viable? I think so. Getting 90% of the black vote, dominating the votes of women and hispanics, and the full-time "Making History" coverage from the media, would make the ticket a winner. John McCain would be forgotten.