Hey Buckeye

Remember John Kasich, the former Ohio Congressman who left the House after 10 years, did some teaching at the Kennedy School and hosted a weekend show on Fox? He's now running for Governor of Ohio, and he's leading Democrat Ted Strickland by 8 points, which the Associated Press considers some sort of tie.

Kasich, a former congressman, Lehman Brothers managing director and Fox commentator, is keeping pace with Strickland in polls and fundraising.

Keeping pace? The realclearpolitics average of polls on the race shows Republican Kasich leading the incumbent by over 10 points. Ohio - just one more state showing the the president has lost his appeal.

The trip will mark the president's 10th trip to Ohio since taking office. He joked during a June visit to Columbus that "(Gov. Ted) Strickland said I've been in Ohio so much he might start charging me for it."

Here's more proof of how much power a presidential visit carries these days - from a liberal pollster.

We’ll start rolling out our Ohio poll results tomorrow but there’s one finding on the poll that pretty much sums it up: by a 50-42 margin voters there say they’d rather have George W. Bush in the White House right now than Barack Obama.

November will be a happy month, long before the Turkey hits the table.