Herman Cain Reacts to "Racist" Piers Morgan

Liberals continue to spread the baseless lie that the Tea Party is racist - or, has 'racist elements,' as Piers Morgan put it with Herman Cain Wednesday night.

"You all know there are elements of the Tea Party who are racist... I don't think that it's a trade secret... how do you deal with that element of the Tea Party that is overtly racist."

While there's no evidence of Tea Party racism other than a few nasty signs a couple of years ago, evidence of overt anti-semitism at Occupy events goes unreported. Occupier Russell Simmons was confronted with clips by Martin Bashir, and he raised a rational defense (after taking an inappropriate shot at Fox News).

There will be infiltrators... it's really easy to find one or two or a few images and use them... I have not seen any of it, but if there is some, there are a lot of things down there, but mostly, it's a will to make America better.

Which would give the Occupy movement something in common with the Tea Party.