Hell Cooling

Where is the European love for Barack Obama? Weren't they taking turns shining his shoes during the campaign?
We told you Wednesday about Czech Prime Minister and current European Union President Mirek Topolanek slamming U.S. plans to spend its way out of the recession as "a way to hell." But his office is back-tracking today saying that Topolanek was misinterpreted and that he'd meant to say the European Union would be on the way to hell if it boosted its own spending too much.
Well, that's not such a big difference. But Barack will go to Europe to make sure no one else falls out of line.
Facing political headwinds but with a European public still on his side, Mr. Obama will attend three high-profile international events -- the meeting of Group of 20 nations that kicks off Wednesday evening in London, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting at the end of the week, and a European Union-U.S. summit in Prague on April 5.
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And the President will use his smile to hold the European people in his service, locking their leaders in place.

But Mr. Obama also intends to extend his efforts beyond official meetings. He will hold a town hall-style meeting at a sports arena in Strasbourg, France, European diplomatic officials said. And the White House is looking for a site in Prague for the first public foreign-policy speech of Mr. Obama's presidency, according to Petr Kolar, the Czech Republic's ambassador to the U.S.
Campaigning is Obama's strength. Leading, thus far, is not part of his skill set.