Helen Thomas Explains Israel Double Standard

Helen Thomas complains that she was fired from her endless career as a White House correspondent because of a double standard favoring Israel.

O'BRIEN: Why do you think they fired you? THOMAS: Don't touch the third rail, which is Israel. You can never mention Israel without being immediately called anti-Semitic, lose your job, or anything else.

O'BRIEN: Do you think there's a difference between talking about Israel and Israeli government issues versus if you were to talk about blacks and Hispanics?

THOMAS: I think it's tougher against the Israelis. But I think it's very bad also – not against Hispanics, now, in Arizona, you probably could call them anything. I could call President Obama anything in the book, and no one would say anything. You touch one thing about Israel and you're finished.

While I don't share Thomas' views on Israel, I agree with her about the double standard, something I believe is a bad thing. Ideas should have a chance to be aired without facing PC style preemption.