Guns Blazing

How seriously are the Republicans taking Jeff Perry on the national level? Take a look at what the National Republican Congressional Committee has made.

With the national wind at their backs, Republicans have a realistic shot at capturing a handful of House seats in the Northeast, which could dramatically improve their odds of taking back Congress.

One of the NRCC’s newest “young guns” is Massachusetts state lawmaker Jeff Perry. He is running in the 10th congressional district, which includes Cape Cod and the famed Kennedy estate, and where Scott Brown won 60 percent of the vote. Perry has received big-name endorsements from Mitt Romney and Scott Brown, and faces Democrat Bill Keating in the race to succeed seven-term incumbent Rep. Bill Delahunt (D). “This race is going be a fight,” Mazzola, the NRCC spokesman, said. “It will definitely be a sign, that if this seat is competitive in Massachusetts, we’re in a very good position across the country.”

What a difference money makes!