Growing Ready

Is Sean Bielat really being heckled by a cameraman? Or is the cameraman a partisan with a camera?

Upon exiting the most recent debate with Barney Frank, located at WGBH studios in Boston, MA, Republican Congressional candidate, Sean Bielat, gets heckled by a Barney Frank "supporter" while talking to the media. While watching this video, we realized that we recognized this "supporter". We received confirmation from two eyewitnesses that the mysterious cameraman was none other than Barney Frank's pot-growing boyfriend, James Ready.

This brings an interesting element to the race when such a prominent “supporter” of Frank feels the need to try and pick a fight with the opposition.  While Frank continues to promote his theory that, “ According to our numbers we are up by more than 20 points no matter what we do.”, this type of action smells of desperation and fear. Not to mention, he clearly has no campaign staff to speak of, obviously, because the only person he could muster up to heckle his opponent was the antithesis of anonymous. We’ve got to give Barney a break, though, this is the first time in 30 years he’s had to campaign and he clearly doesn’t know how to go about it.

Are Barney's troubles growing? Sean Bielat is pressing him to release documents he received from the ethics people approving his free trip on the private jet of a guy who got $200 million in bailout money.

The documents, Bielat said, would show what amount Frank reimbursed the billionaire hedge fund head for the private jet travel. The issue is important because members of Congress are required to reimburse private groups and individuals for travel at market rates.

Frank should release the opinion from the Ethics Committee so we know exactly what Frank was claiming,” Bielat said. “If he did not disclose all the gifts or undervalued them, he could be in violation of House ethics laws.”

Frank said the private jet travel was valued at $1,500 in financial disclosure forms. The Boston Herald reported the private jet travel could have cost as much as $30,000 each way.