Greedy Socialist

Did the president get greedy on health care - looking for a socialist bonanza instead of just seizing the moment that history offered? One of the most interesting facts of this debate is how, the longer it goes on, the more Americans like their health care coverage just the way it is.
Those opposed to Mr. Obama’s reform appear to have momentum on their side. Polling last weekend showed that 48% of voters rate the U.S. health-care system as good or excellent. That’s up from 35% in May and up from 29% a year ago. Only 19% now rate the system as poor, down from 37% a year ago. It appears that the prospect of changing health care has made the existing system look better to a lot of people.
In other words, the Democrats plans to mess with the system are scaring people - that is, they're scaring everyone but Democrats. The socialist model wins support of 3/4 of Democrats, but can't muster a majority of independents.
Among the unaffiliated, 35% are in favor of the Democrats’ health-care reform initiative, and 60% are opposed. Notably, just 16% of unaffiliated voters strongly favor the legislative effort; 47% strongly oppose it.
These numbers reflect the strategic mistake made by the Democrats. They're leading from the left - proposing changes that please the most liberal amongst them, then running into opposition as they try to sell it to their own center - instead of starting with a centrist idea and letting it grow more socialist as it develops.
As the Democrats scramble to pass a health-care reform bill by the fall, they appear to have two choices. One is to stick with the broad outlines of the plan that has been laid out by various congressional committees. Those proposals would be well received within the party, but will cause some angst beyond it. The other option would be to pass smaller scale reform and declare victory. That approach would probably be well received by voters in the middle, but create turmoil within the party.
Will the President and the radical leaders in congress scale back their ambitions to pass something more palatable? Blue Dog, centrist Democrats, mindful of dropping public support, may leave them no choice.
While the president says his plan will reduce costs, 53% believe it will have the opposite effect... And 50% fear that if Congress passes health-care reform, it will lead to a decline in the quality of that care.
The Dems are laying it all on the line for the vehicle that will take them to the promised land of a single payer system. Likely voters aren't impressed according to new Rasmussen numbers.
Just 35% of voters support the so-called “public option” - a government health insurance company to compete with private health insurers - as President Obama and congressional Democrats propose in their health care plan. Fifty percent (50%) oppose a government-run health insurance company.
Take a look at the above video of St. Louis Congressman Russ Carnahan's Town Hall Meeting, and see if you think the concerned citizens pictured are hired guns or the real deal. History may well show the first 25% of Obama's presidency to be the year of the overreach.