Gorey Details

At the end of his "The Planet Has a Fever" press conference with Al Gore yesterday, Barack answered a question on his involvement with the Blagojevich scandal over his senate seat.
"Did you have any contact with or were you aware at all of what was happening with your Senate seat?" asked a reporter, the Wall Street's Journal Jonathan Weisman. "I had no contact with the Governor or his office," Obama said, "and so we were, I was not aware of what was happening."
His correction - small but significant, provides a signal about where this story travels next. What exactly was the involvment of the president-elects office with the governor's office over the question of who would get Barack's old seat. Jake Tapper asks some great questions.
Then there's the big question about how Blago was so sure -- so angry -- that Team Obama would not pay to play.
Blagojevich remarked that he knew Obama wanted Valerie Jarrett, a longtime confidante, to succeed him, "but they're not willing to give me anything except appreciation. Fuck them."
Who told him that Team Obama wouldn't give him something to get the nomination given to their gal? Tapper asks another good one:
When they found out that Blago wanted to quid pro quo Team Obama (Jarrett gets the Senate seat if Blago gets a Cabinet position, or a good-paying job with a union-affiliated organization, or his wife gets a seat on some corporate boards) what did they do? Did a member of Team Obama drop a dime on him?
A very intriguing scandal - and the other guy is still the one president we have! Who would have thought that Chicago politics would invade DC so quickly?