GOP on Probation - Do They Mean It?

Chris Christie repeats what others, like Marco Rubio have been saying - Republicans are on probation and had better come through on shrinking government. But the path they need to carve is a difficult one, as Democrats have made it clear they intend to play politics rather than help the GOP make the needed correction.

It won't be easy. The Republican leadership empowered by (the) election received a gift it did not deserve. The GOP has been returned to power without showing it learned its lesson. And many of the swing voters who aided that restoration are independents, the very same fickle and pragmatic centrists who gave us unified Democratic control of the federal government in the first place.

Soon the Democrats, inspired by the example of Bill Clinton, will look for ways to turn the swing voters against the Tea Party. They will seek to undermine the coalition that produced Republican victories just as the Republicans shattered the coalition that elected the Democrats in 2006 and 2008.

For while the independents rejected George W. Bush's wars, the post-meltdown economy, and a Republican Congress that lost its way, they did not endorse a total leftward shift of the country... Nevertheless, the country needs entitlement reform. It needs solvency. It needs a turn away from backbreaking tax increases that are to come, government control of health care, and all the burdens imposed by a federal leviathan unconstrained by the Constitution.

One of the challenges for Republicans will be not ending up taking ownership of health care because they amend it. And how do they do what's right on cutting entitlements with the Democrats unwilling to come to the table and do what's best for the country?

Mr. Paul, in his first Sunday talk show interview since winning election on Tuesday, invoked Mr. Bernanke’s concerns about the country’s debt to support his point that the government must cut spending to balance the budget.

“Bernanke says the debt is unsustainable,” Mr. Paul said on ABC’s “This Week.” “We need to do something about it.”