GOP Lament

The Delaware power structure has circled the wagons around moderate Congressman Mike Castle in his run for the GOP nomination for senate. Trouble is, Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell has now pulled into the lead, and Republicans fear that means Democrats will hold onto Joe Biden's old seat in what would have been, otherwise, and easy GOP pickup. The Tea Party Express has targeted the race, and writes this:

One of the most oft-repeated claims made by Liberal RINO Mike Castle's campaign is that Republicans should look past his pro-Obama/pro-Pelosi voting record because he has the best chance "to win" in November were he to be the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate.

But the developments in the GOP primary race between Conservative Republican Christine O'Donnell and Mr. Castle suggest this claim is looking increasingly hollow.

"Mike Castle's campaign has derided Christine O'Donnell as a lightweight who couldn't be elected to dogcatcher.  Yet now Mr. Castle trails in the polls behind O'Donnell, and more Republicans now have an unfavorable view of him than those who view him favorably," said Joe Wierzbicki, Coordinator of the Tea Party Express.

"So if Mr. Castle can't defeat Christine O'Donnell, who he claimed was such a weak candidate, than how on earth does Mr. Castle expect to defeat Democrat Chris Coons and the entire weight and might of the Democratic Party political machine?" Wierzbicki asked.

New Hampshire Republicans are similarly concerned about the potential victory of conservative Ovide Lamontagne today - but there's nothing fringy about Ovide.