GOP Goes After Collective Bargaining Rights for Public Workers

Hooray! The shit is finally hitting the fan for the corrupt public employee unions in this country, who hold America hostage with unaffordable benefits given them by their Democrat partners.

The state Capitol was awash Tuesday in protests as thousands gathered to voice opposition to a bill by Gov. Scott Walker that would greatly weaken organized labor in Wisconsin.

Unveiled Friday, Walker’s plan would remove collective bargaining rights for most of the 175,000 state and local employees, allowing workers to negotiate only over salary. Walker, however, exempted most law enforcement, firefighters and Wisconsin State Patrol troopers from the change.

The new governor of Ohio is also going after bargaining rights for public workers.

One of Governor John Kasich's platforms during his campaign was to rewrite the state's collective bargaining laws as they pertain to public employees.

Approval of the bill could mean things like public workers no longer being able to bargain for health insurance, elimination of automatic step increases and a stop to binding arbitration for local police and firefighters.

In Massachusetts, communities desperately need the right to make their own decisions about health plans without seeking a 70% vote of their unions - but our socialist governor and leftist legislature doesn't do anything for taxpayers unless they're really scared.

Notice the conman governor trying to trick the caller? The Dems know they're doing the wrong thing, which is why they work so hard to deceive voters. We shouldn't let our hired hands get away with cheating us.