Good Sessions

Jeff Sessions is right about Elena Kagan. So why didn't the GOP make the nomination of another stealth socialist into the war it should be - and why don't they do the same with all such appointments, the cornerstone of the liberal dismantling of the Constitution?

“I am concerned about the nomination frankly. I think the lack of real legal experience, she has not ever tried a case and had only a short time as solicitor general, just over a year,” Senator Jeff Sessions told me. “And I’m worried about that.”

Sessions said if Kagan’s judicial philosophy is outside the “mainstream” she should not be allowed to hold a position on the high court.

This is a serious matter, she clearly has spent most of her life as a lawyer, politician. She has also…worked with judges and advocated judges who are the most activist kind in the world,” Senator Jeff Sessions told me. “So I’m afraid that’s what her philosophy is. And if it’s outside the mainstream she should not be confirmed.”

Republicans are apparently so comfortable that they'll be winning big time in November that they don't want to upset the apple cart... an attitude that drives the energy of the Tea Party movement. In other words, they are driven not by ideology, but by the lust for power. Just like the Democrats.