Good Old Days with Billie Joe

Remember when rock and roll was less big business and more meltdown? Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong is reported to be heading to rehab after this bit of nostalgia.

Armstrong became irate when he realized the end of the band's scheduled 30-minute set was nearing its end. "They say we got nine minutes left! I say boo to that f---ing s---!"

"I've been around since 19-f---ing-88!" he continued. "I'm not f---ing Justin Bieber, you motherf---ers. This is a f---ing joke! And now you're gonna give me one minute? Now I got nothing left. I got nothing left. I'm gonna show you what one f---ing minute looks like." The two-day festival featured other acts--including No Doubt, Usher and Bon Jovi--performing short sets.