Good Left/Right Smack-Down From Chris Matthews Show

Liberal writer Andrew Sullivan was on the panel of the syndicated Chris Matthews Show this weekend, debating conservative Reihan Salam of National Review. What fun! Sullivan denied that the Tea Party is concerned with fiscal issues - but more interestingly, discussed the movement as if it is a top-down political party with a clear agenda.

The Tea Party, of course is not about fiscal issues at all. They have no plans to balance the budget now or any time in the future. They are radical Christianist, right-wing group…

Sullivan demonized conservatives suggesting that opposition to the Obama presidency finds its roots in "unreason.," but Samar slapped him down for being divisive.

I find the idea that, you know, the last couple of years have been a war between the force of reason and unreason, a little unreasonable, and I think that it's the kind of idea that President Obama was warning us against, I think, and rightly so. I saw on the right from the grass-roots to kind of elite, conservative commentators, a huge outpouring of support for the President’s speech, because I think there are a lot of people who embrace the idea that we should have a more dispassionate political conversation.

As much as they might like to market themselves as the purveyors of a kinder, gentler nation, liberals show time and again their commitment to the idea that not to agree with them is to be nasty and stupid.