Globe: Education Party Crushing Education Quality

Many think I'm a biased crank for my constant ranting over the destruction done by the Democratic Party's partnership with Public Employees Unions. But the pain and suffering caused must be highlighted because people don't seem to notice.

Hundreds of millions of dollars the state has provided to local school districts to improve classroom education has instead been gobbled up by soaring health care costs for school employees, according to a new report that questions whether Massachusetts has fulfilled the ambitious goals of its 1993 education reform law.

We can't improve education because the money goes to those who don't work for the cities and towns anymore.

From 2000 to 2007, annual health care costs in school budgets grew by $1 billion, while state aid for schools grew by only $700 million, according to the report being released today by the Boston Foundation.

This money isn't spent on union folk because it's good policy, it is spent because it guarantees that all the love and support of the unions goes to the Democrats.

The report is likely to fuel the debate over whether to give local governments more power to trim employee health benefits without union approval, an issue that has met stiff resistance from organized labor and some state lawmakers.

We can hope, but there's not much cause for hope, since the unions effectively run the state of Massachusetts.

“Controlling the cost of health care in Massachusetts is now the ultimate education issue,’’ said Paul S. Grogan, president of the Boston Foundation, who called the report “one of the most dramatic and devastating I’ve seen.’’

Tell that to the education party.