Gingrich: Shooting Star?

It strikes me as dangerous for Newt that his surge is so substantial and so speedy. With the pace of the movement, it's not hard to imagine him starting to drop before voting begins January 3rd, and another passion candidate emerging - Ron Paul perhaps?

In Florida, where Republican primary voters will go to the polls on Jan. 31, Gingrich has 35 percent support to Romney's 22 percent. None of the other candidates breaks double digits. In Ohio, Gingrich leads Romney, 36 percent to 18 percent. None of the other candidates finishes with more than 7 percent support.

And in Pennsylvania, Gingrich has a 14-point lead over Romney, 31 percent to 17 percent. As in Ohio and Florida, no other candidate has double-digit support. In head-to-head matchups, Gingrich holds even larger leads over Romney.

In Florida, he's ahead, 52 percent to 34 percent. In Ohio, he tops the former Massachusetts governor, 55 percent to 28 percent; and in Pennsylvania, he leads, 50 percent to 31 percent.