Getting Personal

When the sniping becomes personal, that's when a President knows his star is falling. Howard Dean has been attacking the Senate health reform bill, saying it's time to kill the bill over the past few days, but today he said he would offer only tepid support for Barack's reelection!
HOWARD DEAN: Look, here's the thing: every politician says this and I hesitate to do it because they all say it, but sometimes the country's more important than either party. JOE SCARBOROUGH: Amen. DEAN: I'm going to support President Obama when he runs for re-election. Not vigorously. I'm going to vote for him.
A sign of melting down to come? We can only hope!
Scarborough can be heard bursting into laughter off-camera. DEAN: I am, I am. SCARBOROUGH: "Not vigorously."  Boy, I can almost feel the confetti [presumably from GOP victory celebrations] falling on my head here!