Getting Maddowed

If ACORN has a division in Alabama, perhaps they can get me registered to vote and I'll fill out my absentee ballot for Dale Peterson.

Ever since the MSNBC host's denunciation of a Tim James TV ad catapulted James to superstar status in the Alabama GOP gubernatorial primary, the Rachel Maddow Threshold (RMT) has become the new gold standard in conservative campaign advertising.
Rather than Ag Commish, though, I think we need Dale on the border. Dang, I wish he was from Arizona.
In one of the delicious ironies of the Obama Age, Republican consultants are conspiring feverishly to produce TV commercials that exceed the RMT and get their candidates condemned on the Liberal Network No One Ever Watches. All of which is to explain why Dale Peterson is now odds-on favorite to become the nation's most famous candidate for state agriculture commissioner.
Hell Ya!