George Will's Mandate

The federal health insurance mandate, a corner-stone of ObamaCare, is obviously counter to everything the constitution intended for our country. George Will makes that clear with one simple question.

Does Congress have the constitutional power to require obese people to sign up for Weight Watchers? If not, why not?

The most revealing response came from Michael Eric Dyson, who offered the sort of mind-numbing take on the constitution that congress seems to share.

WILL: Is that a yes, Congress does have the power to mandate?

DYSON: It's open. If they decide that they will, they will have the power to do so.

Richard Stengel, Managing Editor of Time Magazine, was unprepared for the conversation - he couldn't differentiate between the Commerce Clause, which is farcically used by liberals to justify virtually any undoing of the constitution, and things like the federal power of taxation or states requiring people who operate motor vehicles to purchase insurance.