George Will's Killer Wisconsin Rant

At his worst, George Will is among the best. At his best, well, he's the best. Like today when he kicked the crap out of everybody needing it regarding Wisconsin, especially the president.

But in the span of three days, Christiane, he first submits a budget that would increase the federal deficit and, two days later, he mobilizes his party, his own political machine, and organized labor, which is an appendage to his party, to sabotage Wisconsin's attempt to do what he will not do, which is deal with the insolvency of their government.

In doing so, he has set the stage for 2012 by saying the Democratic Party is the party of government, not just in having an exaggerated view of the scope and competence of government, but because its base is in public employees.

The unions are an appendage to the Democrats, one that is vital to the survival of the larger organism. To save the country, the partnership must be dismantled.