Free Ride

If you're going to include everyone in Obama Care, should that mean literally - everyone?
the National Council of La Raza (La Raza), an open borders advocacy group, issued a statement calling upon Congress to ensure that illegal aliens are given health benefits if and when Congress considers health care reform.
La Raza's statement "strongly urge[d] President Obama and Congress to make every effort to ensure that health care reform reaches all communities" in the United States, and stressed that "one out of every three uninsured persons and roughly 40% of all uninsured children [in the United States] are Latino..."
If 40% of the uninsured children in America are Latino, wouldn't that indicate that we've overdone it on the number of immigrants being accepted from poor countries?
Check out this code speak - it avoids mentioning illegal immigrants, but the intent is clear!
La Raza President and CEO Janet Murguía used the statement to emphasize that "everyone in the U.S. should contribute to a new health system," and that "Latinos [would] accept their responsibility" to contribute to a new health care system and "will pay their fair share for the health coverage they need."
If Latinos are poor, they'll be the recipients, not the contributors, to the benefits, no?
The Pew Hispanic Center's recent report, A Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States, found that 59% of illegal aliens in the United States had no form of health insurance in 2007, and that 45% of illegal alien children were also without health coverage in 2007.
There are some indications that liberals are wrong to assume that all Latino citizens share their lack of basic values and patriotism.
“I'm upset at some of the demands I hear some parts of the illegal community making,” said Ricardo Mata, a Venezuelan native who has lived in the country for two decades. “Sometimes, I get fed up at the double standards I see.”
Latinos tend to be conservative and are not haunted by runaway empathy.
The Crossroads Social Capital study, which measured social ties in the community, found almost six out of 10 Latinos (58 percent) in Charlotte-Mecklenburg feel immigrants are “too demanding in their push for equal rights.”
Too demanding? La Raza? Those who seek to dismantle America are excited about the opportunity that the Obama years offer.
"One of the things that concerns us most is that immigrants and communities of color have no access to health care because of language barriers, because of cultural barriers, transportation and probably most importantly, because of financial barriers. The financial barriers effect everyone but we need to pay particular attention to the underserved communities of color and immigrants," said Michelle Lieu, president of Asian Americans for Community Involvement.
Free rides to the hospital, with government translators standing by, will be offered to chosen communities based on skin color. All from the people who, once upon a time, claimed to share the MLK goal of judging people by the content of their character. But their biggest concern should be our biggest concern.
A new national report released Monday by a health care advocacy group shows growing racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes.
Health outcomes. Watch out for that language. Because it won't be access to care that the wackos will seek to guarantee. They'll be wanting guaranteed outcomes.