Former Romney Aid Throws Mitt Under Obama's Bus

RomneyCare consultant Jonathan Gruber, now an MIT professor, says there's no difference between RomneyCare and ObamaCare, and that Mitt is misrepresenting things.

The big distinction he's drawing is that President Obama's plan has new taxes to pay for it and his didn't. But that's really just dishonest. He didn't have to raise taxes because the federal government picked up half the cost and because there was already a tax sitting around that Governor Dukakis had put in that Romney just grabbed and rededicated for his purposes...

Gruber is being disowned by the Romney campaign.

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is seeking to put distance between the former governor and key consultant who was instrumental in shaping the Massachusetts healthcare plan.

NBC reported this morning that Jonathan Gruber, the MIT health economist who helped Massachusetts officials devise the groundbreaking state law in 2006, was among those consulted by the White House as President Obama put together his national healthcare plan in 2009

...the Romney campaign today is saying that Gruber’s role was limited to producing computer models for the Romney State House administration. He was not an advisor to the governor, according to the campaign, which did not release an on-the-record statement.

 Gruber has a book on health care coming out in December.