Forget the Human Shield Stuff

Confirmed: Osama didn't have a gun and didn't shield himself with his wife. Bin Laden's wife did rush one of the Seals, according to press secretary Jay Carney, and she was shot in the leg.

Underscoring the complicated nature of the American team’s attack on bin Laden, Carney was caught in a crossfire of his own when he was asked about the number of floors in the compound in Pakistan. “Even I’m getting confused,” Carney said as he looked through his notes.

I understand there being some confusion in the early stages after a special forces mission. I don't understand the key people in the government not getting the details right before holding a press conference, which John Brennan failed to do yesterday.

-- The White House hasn’t released the photo of Osama bin Laden’s corpse because it is “gruesome” and could inflame enemies’ passions, Carney said. “We are making an evaluation of a need to do that because of the sensitivities involved,” he said.

-- Carney wouldn’t even say whether President Obama has seen the photo. “I don’t want to get into who’s seen the photos or where they are,” he said.

-- Carney wouldn’t say whether bin Laden’s sea burial was videotaped, but he urged reporters “to be patient.”.