Flipping Like Burgers

You have to respect Barack for one thing - he's learned from the mistakes of John Kerry, who was frozen in fear four years ago over accusations of being a flip-flopper. Barack gets the crap kicked out of him for just one week and he's flipping positions like they're tofu burgers on the grill in the yard that his felonious fund raiser's wife bought for him.

In early July, Barack said this:

"I do not believe that we should use this strategic oil reserves at this point," he said on July 7 in St. Louis. "...But the strategic oil reserve I think has to be reserved for a genuine emergency."
Today he said this:
"We should sell 70 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve for less expensive crude, which in the past has lowered gas prices within two weeks."
Just a few days ago, Barack changed his position on offshore drilling.
Sen. Barack Obama on Friday suggested he could support an energy package that would allow some offshore drilling, a shift from his previous opposition to lifting the congressional ban on such activity. In its lead story, the CBS Evening News reported last night that "critics" say the move is opening Obama "to charges of flip-flopping," and his "new stance could give" Sen. John McCain "fresh ammunition" to continue to hammer at him.