Flavorless Burger

Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage in Harvard Square makes a great burger - hand formed, real things that date back to well before the idea of a manufactured burger was invented by the fast food guys.

A Cambridge burger joint known for naming its burgers after politicians has a new one on the menu -- "The Elena Kagan."
Bartley's burgers are so thick, juicy and flavorful, that naming one after Kagan is a contradiction in terms.
The sandwich, named after the former Harvard Law dean who is President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee, is offered at Mr. Bartley's Gourmet Burgers, just off the Harvard University campus.
To accurately represent the the Supreme Court nominee, the Kagan Burger would have to be made from beef that's been genetically modified to have no texture and be flavorless, and the rules would require that it not be consumed with the benefit of any added condiments.
The menu also describes the $9.99 burger as "smothered with a liberal amount of salsa and grilled pineapple served with onion rings."
See... that's way too distinctive to represent a woman who has spent her whole career cultivating her lack of any particular flavor.
The Harvard Crimson student newspaper reports the burger's description on the menu asks "Experience??? 'Don't ask, don't tell'," referring to Kagan's lack of experience as a judge and her opposition to the military's policy against gays in the military.
If the Kagan was the only burger being offered on the day you went there to eat, you'd be best served by just ordering one of their amazing shakes and some onion rings.
One thing we do know is that when a federal fast food ban is challenged and heard by the Supreme Court, Kagan will quite likely to ban her own burger.