The Fire

Occasionally, Hardball offers up some great political debate. Take last night, for example.

Chris Matthews says he's not looking at the individual races and smiling for Democrats, he's looking at the big picture, and he sees the GOP in possession of the "juice," the energy that means change is coming. He's even ready to bet that Christine O'Donnell wins in Delaware. Me, too.

MATTHEWS: I look at Rand Paul, that the guy is going to win. I look at Pat Toomey now and I hate to say, this is a guy who`s going to win. I think the right has got the upper hand now going into this general election. And I`m looking at these numbers --

MATTHEWS: I can`t see the Republican convention meeting, wherever they`re going to meet, in Tampa, right? They`re down there and they`re thundering in there with delegates, one of these Tea Partiers after another, storming the gates, all excited about they`re going to get rid of the 14th Amendment, get rid of, what, the 17th Amendment, energize the 10th Amendment, love the Second Amendment, and then they go pick Romney, Tim Pawlenty.

CORN: But who`s the Tea Party candidate?

MATTHEWS: I don`t see how it happens.

CORN: But who`s the Tea Party candidate? Sarah Palin? Who else?


Sarah Palin and Chris Matthews appear to be in agreement.

Palin: I don’t buy that at all. I think that some of those in the hierarchy of the political machine on both sides of the aisle they are very much into control and titles and egos and everything else and I’m not saying that again personally about Karl Rove but I think that’s in the hierarchy of the political machine. No, what Christine O’Donnell represents is not an extreme position when she just wants a smaller, smarter government and state’s rights–

Every so often, the forest needs a fire.