Explained: How City Workers Sabotaged New York City

Queens City Councilor Dan Halloran explains how the sanitation workers of New York decided not to clear the snow.

Halloran said the two DOT supervisors contacting his office claimed to have waited as long as six to eight hours for Sanitation heads to assign them to help clear streets in Queens — even as the mayor pleaded for private assistance as the full force of the blizzard hit.

In addition, he said two of the three Sanitation workers assigned to northeastern Queens claimed supervisors told them they could delay the clearing of certain borough streets.

"So it appears that the supervisors themselves, at least in the borough of Queens, just didn't want the snowstorm to come to an end anytime soon," Halloran said.

Dan Halloran, a Republican council member from Queens, said no one was explicitly ordered to leave streets unplowed, but three sanitation workers told him that certain supervisors made it clear that workers who slacked off wouldn't be punished.

"They were told, 'If you miss streets, you're not going to be written up,'" said Halloran. "'You're not going to get checked up on. Take your time.'"