Expectations Lowered

One of Barack's legitimate fears could be that expectations for his administration are running so high that no matter what sort of change he delivers, no one will be satisified.
President-elect Barack Obama has chosen his close confidant and former Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle to serve as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, according to several sources close to the transition.
Which explains putting Tom Daschle into the cabinet.
Daschle, a South Dakota Democrat, will also reportedly be given a policy portfolio that stretches beyond the department in order to help shepherd health-care reform legislation in 2009.
When it comes to answering the question of whether his team will be able to tamp down expectations, Barack says, "Yes, We Can!"
More significantly, Daschle has positioned himself as Obama's central adviser on efforts to dramatically expand health-care coverage next year, while at the same time lowering costs. During the campaign, Obama promised to reduce the average family's medical bill by $2,500.