Evidence: Trayvon Investigation Not Racially Tainted

Some people think the video of George Zimmeran doing his perp walk through police headquarters provides clear evidence that the story of him being attacked by Trayvon Martin is bogus. Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart is among them.

We had been hearing... that his nose was broken, that his lip was swollen, that his head was bashed several times into the sidewalk... the story that we had been hearing does not match the videotape that we are seeing.

While the tape certainly doesn't confirm the details of Zimmerman's story, it doesn't nullify them either. If he was cleaned up by medics or police, a bashed nose, swollen lip or scrapes on the back of the head would not necessarily be revealed by static cameras shooting from above.

I do have questions, however. Most important is, if Trayvon was above or on him when Zimmerman shot the 17 year old, why isn't Zimmerman totally drenched in blood? Would they have allowed him to change his clothes if, say, he had a change in his car? 

One thing has become clear - accusations that the Sanford PD went easy on Zimmerman for reasons of race are lacking in evidence. Here's what Jonathan Capehart reveals about the work of SPD lead detective Investigator Chris Serino after he learned that the state attorney,  Norman Wolfinger, decided not to press charges.

Wolfinger told Serino that he didn’t think there was enough evidence to charge Zimmerman. According to ABC News, Serino then filed an affidavit the night of Feb. 26 stating he didn’t believe Zimmerman. And we are now finding out that Serino then set out to bring the neighborhood watch volunteer to justice.

Despite being overruled by superiors, Serino, it appears, never gave up on trying to have Zimmerman arrested. He filed that affidavit hours before delivering the tragic news to Martin and said what he would try to do.

This tragedy gets more fascinating as it develops.