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This has been an amazing year for Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, and since his inspiring election win last month, he's been doing everything right. His transition has been graceful and dignified. Now, the next logical step in expanding the nation's awareness of him is to write a book.
It almost seems the next inevitable step after a high-profile political campaign: Newly elected Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown says he will write a book that combines "memoir and inspiration."
Why? Why not?
Gail Gitcho, his new Senate communications director, tells Politico, “Senator Brown is honored and humbled to be approached by many people who want him to tell his inspirational personal story about his life leading up to his election as a United State Senator from Massachusetts. He will tell his story in a book in hopes of providing insight and encouragement to others and also to ensure that the record is complete and accurate.
How about this for a title - "The People's Seat." The Obama Administration is still trying to get its legs back after the humiliation of Scott's win, so the story is a fascinating one about the people exercising self-rule, as the Founders intended, after 50 plus years of being denied a voice by the Kennedy's. Here are some of today's headlines, thanks to Scott - these are just from Politico!

Obama to GOP: Work with me... Pelosi resists Obama on jobs plan... Labor steams over Dem inaction... Press room laughter dies down

It must be a pretty depressed environment in the West Wing, as the full understanding on what was squandered last year with the disastrous obsession on universal healthcare. The President is left trying to portray the GOP as failing to be bipartisan.
President Barack Obama said Tuesday he’s prepared to cut deals with Republicans in order to create jobs and improve the nation’s health care system, but he said he’s seen few signs so far that the GOP is willing to support any of his policy initiatives.
We'll see how far he gets with that ploy.