Everybody's Talking

Everybody's asking, "What in the world are the Democrats up to?" It's a good question - why would a presidency that blew through virtually all of its good will and political capital in year one continue the self-destructive behavior after suffering a string of wake-up call electoral losses?
The answer is so obvious that it took a while for me to fully internalize it. The Democrats have evaluated the fall elections and decided that they're going to get swamped in an epic wave of voter contempt. Think Scott Brown, all over the country.
If you know you're going to suffer massive defeat in the short term, then the only thing left to you is to think long term. And Democrats believe that if they can turn this country more into their dreamland (a replica of the Soviet Union) over the long term, Americans will have a chance to fall in love with the new taxes (which start immediately) and the new services (that they'll start to receive in a few years), assuring their long term popularity. Wishful thinking.
The opportunity cost for continuing this process is something that can't be overestimated - every day the Democrats keep talking health reform is a day lost talking about what the American people care about - the economy and the high unemployment rate.
I think the Dems are making a mistake thinking that the worst result would be not passing this bill. That will prove to be a miscalculation that one might call... historic.