Enemies List

Democrats are so nervous about the mid-term elections that they're burning bridges recklessly in hopes of motivating their base to vote. Watch this Karl Rove attack ad that also throws the business community under the bus, and listen as they admit that they have no proof that foreign money is funding GOP special interest ads, then repeat the claim as if it's legit.

“Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie: They're Bush cronies,” the ad charges. “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce: They're shills for big business. And they're stealing our democracy. … Tell the Bush crowd and the Chamber of Commerce: Stop stealing our democracy.”

The Chamber is accused of "shilling" for big business. Are they crazy? Isn't that like lambasting the Catholic Church for shilling for Jesus? Says Rove:

“It is sad to see the president diminish his office by these baseless attacks. Even the truth doesn't restrain him when it comes to assaulting his enemies list.”
And Gillespie said in an e-mail: “Those who benefited from … outside money in 2008 to help elect Barack Obama, much of it from undisclosed donors, have to come to terms with the fact that the playing field will be more even this year.”

The White House is unmoved.

Aides tell POLITICO that Obama plans to continue accusing the Chamber of using “foreign money” to fund election ads, despite a New York Times article on Saturday that found “little evidence that what the chamber does in collecting overseas dues is improper or even unusual."