Elizabeth Warren Getting Hammered

Breitbart.com has found a smoking gun - published evidence that Harvard was being pressured to hire Elizabeth Warren in order to get more "women of color" on its law school faculty.

An article, “Women of Color in Legal Academia: A Biographic and Bibliographic Guide,” which was published by the Harvard Women’s Law Journal (since renamed the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender) in its Spring 1993 edition, lists Warren as one of approximately 250 “women of color” in legal academia. It was written by the editors and staff of the journal, comprised of Harvard Law students...

It is clear from the introduction that the editors intended the article for use as a tool to apply political pressure to force law schools--and Harvard in particular--to hire some of the scholars listed as “women of color”:

This compilation was produced as part of the Journal's commitment to the goal of meaningful faculty diversity in law schools. More specifically, the editors of the Journal hope that this guide will advance the struggle to achieve a system of legal education that reflects the realities of a multicultural society. Law, we believe, should be interpreted and taught from a range of perspectives, including those offered by women of color.