Elegant Liar

Deval Patrick is an elegant liar. If you don't know, for example, that he's as pro-illegal immigration as just about any American politician, you might be falling for his recent reinvention as someone who believes we need to be firm.

Candidates for governor pounced today on the Patrick administration¿s refusal so far to sign up for a federal program aimed at finding and deporting immigrants with serious criminal records.

Watch him as he pretends to be eagerly awaiting the results of a pilot program onthe Secure Communities Program - a no brainer federal program that any sane Governor would be jumping all over.

Massachusetts officials haven't signed an agreement given to them in September 2009 by the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Immigration Enforcement. Without signing the agreement, federal immigration officials can¿t activate Secure Communities statewide.

We're talking about a program that even the city of Boston is all over!

Boston¿s pilot program that Patrick said he's waiting for results from began four years ago -- before Patrick even took office.

Just this week, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis told FOX 25 that the program has been a big success in his city. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley also supports Secure Communities.

He's a slick one.