Egypt: "All Your Demands Will Be Met"

With a speech from Hosne Mubarak expected tonight, word from Egypt is that hs is preparing to leave - or is being thrown out.

But the military seemed to be taking a leading role in the potential transfer of power, announcing on state television that it would "consider what procedures and measures" could be taken "to protect the nation, and the achievements and aspirations of the great people of Egypt."

Testifying in Washington before the House Intelligence Committee, CIA director Leon E. Panetta said, "There is a strong likelihood that Mubarak may step down this evening."

Some in the crowd warned that turning over power to Suleiman would not appease demonstrators, unless he promised to step down after elections are held. "If he takes over, that will be a big issue," lawyer Marwan Alashaal, 32, said. "This city is going to swimming in blood."