Ed Schultz Hits Romney for Knowing Constitution

Ed Schultz can't understand - or conveniently forgets - that states operate on a different set of rules from the federal government. The federal government is empowered, by the states, to exercise very specific powers that are enumerated in the Constitution.

SCHULTZ (after making buzzer sound):  Failure! The federal government can do damn near whatever it wants to do, Mittster. And if it says that you have to have car insurance, you're going to have it, whether it's a state level or a federal lever (sic). Federal law will always supersede state law. Just take it right to the Supreme Court.

Schultz is correct that many in the GOP have slipped into the big government pattern along with the Democrats over the years.  The Tea Party movement is driven, in large part, by a desire to get Republicans to return to being small government conservatives.