Echo Echo

I don't generally watch Hardball, but I do like to listen to the short-version podcast of the show on my drive in to the radio station at about 3:45 every morning. I often have to turn it off, though, because it can be so pointless, such an echo chamber.
"If you listen to this network, there is a lot of debate on MSNBC about this health care bill," Matthews said. "Left vs. center-left, for it or against it, there are all points. Same with CNN. But there is another network, Fox, where there's absolutely no debate.
Chris Matthews books a liberal or two on the program, then he asks probing questions like, "Congressman, don't the Republicans realize what a wonderful accomplishment it will be to get 30 million more people insured?"
It's just trashed every single thing. Has there ever been a bill in history before the congress where an entire network on television has blasted it every day for more than a year?"
Given his love of doing liberal on liberal debate over how bad conservatives are, it's odd to hear him trashing Fox News for its lack of opinion diversity on Castro Care. But he's upset, I suppose, over the president doing Fox today.
Obama takes his message to Fox News Wednesday night, in part because the White House views it as the "scene of the crime" on various lies and falsehoods about health care.
At worst, Fox offers up some of the alternative lies to the ones offered up by the president (see Reduced to Lies, below.)