Dying Away

Is the American Dream Dead For Me, an unemployed law school grad asks the president. Not as devastating as having a professional Black woman say she's exhausted from supporting the president, but still, a far cry from winning the Nobel Prize.

Then a 30-year-old law school graduate said he's no longer able to make the interest payments on his educational loans, much less able to have a mortgage or a family. He said he had been inspired by Obama's campaign. But now, "that inspiration is dying away," he said. "I really want to know: Is the American dream dead?

And, in case you missed her, here is the first assault on the president at yesterday's town hall forum sponsored by CNBC.

Monday's town hall meeting started off on a sour note when the first questioner from the audience, a woman who said she voted for him, said she is "deeply disappointed with where I am now."

"My husband and I thought we were beyond the hot dog and beans of our lives. ... Is this my new reality?" she asked.

"I understand your frustration," Obama said. He defended his administration's efforts to help the middle class, listing achievements such as better protection for mortgage loans and health insurance for those with preexisting conditions.

The technocratic answers offered by the president, and the missed opportunity to show empathy, are stunning.