Dust Free Dust-Up

In the Massachusetts Governor's debate Tuesday eve, we saw once again that a crowded forum hurts the Governor. Deval needs space to spread his magic dust, which numbs listeners rendering them unable to discern fact from fiction (hint - if his lips are moving, it's a deception).

With exactly six weeks to go before the election, the candidates for Massachusetts Governor debated at the WGBH-TV studios.

With four people on stage, Deval didn't get enough time to work his magic, and the situation was exaserbated by Charlie's aggressiveness, plus some format breaks that went against the Governor."Governor, you get to ask a question of Jill Stein!"

Governor Deval Patrick and challengers Republican Charles Baker, Independent Tim Cahill, and Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein took questions from CNN's John King.

The candidates discusses the state budget, and whether state funded benefits should be given to illegal immigrants.

Tim was aggressive, but trying to break through by calling Charlie a liar, twice in one exchange, seemed cheap and desparate. Jill Stein came across as a confused ditz, enough to make one long for Barbara Johnson.

The win goes to Charlie Baker.