Drink to That: Schultz Says GOP Wants to Crush Unions

Ed Schultz warned viewers last night that the GOP is engaged in a coordinated effort to crush public sector unions. Let's hope so - it's hard to imagine that our municipalities can survive if the Democrat/Union cabal is not broken up. They're using our money to buy the devotion of labor.

Thousands of public employees and supporters converged at a hearing at the capitol here that ran into the wee hours of Wednesday morning to voice their objection to a proposal to cut their benefits and remove most of their unions’ ability to bargain.

You ever wonder why it's so easy for public employee unions to turn out lots of people for a protest?

The show of anger was powerful. Madison schools were closed on Wednesday after scores of teachers called in sick and appeared headed to lobby exhausted-looking lawmakers, who had heard more than 17 hours of comments in a public hearing that began on Tuesday morning. More buses of public workers from other parts of the state were still pulling up near dawn on Wednesday.

Yup - yet another union scam of taxpayers - they're getting paid to protest.

The target of their fury was a proposal by Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican elected in November, to press through a “repair bill” that would help solve the state’s $137 million budget shortfall by requiring government workers to contribute significantly more to their pensions and health care, while limiting collective bargaining for most state and local government employees to the issue of wages, excluding an array of issues like health coverage and vacations.

The unions will fight to the finish to make sure their workers are never forced to accept a fair deal - and their partners in the Democratic party, who should face charges of treason, work to make sure they can continue to loot the public coffers in perpetuity.