Down a Smidgen

Last week, you'll recall that President Obama sought to calm concerns over the plummeting stock market by comparing it to a daily tracking poll in politics.
This was shockingly insensitive - as if real lives aren't being crushed by the loss of wealth the nation, and the world, is experiencing. Yesterday, though, Obama did it again!
We live in such a rapid-fire information-rich environment that people's attention spans -- (snaps) -- go like this. And that makes for volatility in confidence, right? Smidgen of good news, and suddenly everything's doing great. Little bit of bad news, oooh, we're -- we're down in the dumps.
Yup, we are some serious dummies, getting swept away by daily breezes, not realizes that in the end, those little polls don't have any long term meaning. And pardon me, but it seems that the humor he delights in is humor that shifts the focus away from the topic at hand, and toward himself - so the message shifts over to what a funny, cool guy the president is that he can be so self-deprecating. Put me on the list of people unimpressed and disinterested.
And I am obviously an object of this constantly varying assessment. (Laughter.) I'm the object in chief -- (laughter) -- of this varying assessment.